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    Apink marks Manila debut at MTV Music Evo 2016

    After years of April fools day pranks regarding Apink’s concert in Manila, the word ‘excited’ is not enough to describe Pink Pandas (official fan club name of Apink) feelings as MTV announced that the famous Korean girl group is on the list of performers at MTV music evolution 2016 on June 24 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

    On the day of the concert, hundreds of fans flocked the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds to witness the performances of American singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha, K, L.A.-grown electric dance trio Far East Movement, Filipino artists James Reid and Nadine Lustre, and father and son-tandem Gary and Gab Valenciano and of course the Korean girl group Apink. Fans are got free passes for the concert through online contests, games and mall tours.

    The weather was unpredictable but that did not stop the Pink Pandas from watching their idols. Since everyone’s still in a state hangover, let’s have a quick recap of how the six gorgeous ladies of Apink captured our hearts!

    Shades of white and pink emerged among the audience and dominated the concert scene to support the highly anticipated girl group. In return, Apink staged their sophisticated dance moves and charming voices as they perform their latest single ‘Remember,’ triggering greater cheer from the fans. Right after, the bubbly and quirky sides of the members were visible during the ‘Mr. Chu’ performance as the members showered hearts and cute poses while performing.

    With high spirits on, fans shouted their hearts out as they cheer for Bomi (윤보미), Chorong (박초롱), Eunji (정은지), Hayoung (오하영), Naeun (손나은), and Namjoo (김남주). The videos of Apink instagram dance contest participants were also flashed on the screens during their group’s first stage.

    What else can be cuter than seeing and hearing your favorite Kpop girl group speak in English personally? That’s right! All the members spoke in English but the loudest cheer is up for Chorong. “It’s good to be in the Philippines. – Hope you enjoy tonight. I love you! Thank you.” She said during a short music break.

    Sexy body wave moves ruled the song ‘Attracted to U’ as they leave the audience dumb footed and still on the stage of star struck with the charms and hotness Apink brings. Afterwards, the incredible energy and stamina of the fans are well-maintained as Apink sings ’No No No.’ Even the audience dance to the beat of their favorite songs!

    With their lovely melodies, they bid everyone a farewell through the song ‘LUV’ wrapping up their setlist for the concert. A spectacular confetti shower followed right after Apink’s last stage. Luckily, no rain poured down during their whole performance. Fanbases and fan support goodies were also distributed to Pink Panda attendees before the concert! Lucky fans that uploaded their party moments were picked and given signed merchandise from the artists!

    Since the concert is composed of many artists, only a short span of time is spent by pink pandas with Apink. However, this is surely a day that completes every pink panda’s #FanGoals. It gives them the chance to meet the members in flesh, up-close and personal for free. Thanks, MTV! Indeed, you are really generous to bring an overloaded lineup to celebrate music. Guess what, VJ Alan admitted he’s a pink panda too! Should we expect another Apink visit sometime again soon?

    **Photos from: MTV Asia via #MTVMusicEVO

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