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    All that Winter in Korea -- The 2018 Korean Winter Travel Fair

    The yearly Korean travel expo opened its doors once again to invite all Filipinos to visit Korea this coming winter! With the theme 'All That Winter #Korea' Let me share you some of the event highlights that everyone enjoyed last weekend.


    In the same event last year, I was given the chance to be a part of the crew for the said expo. I got to reminisce on to the days when I skipped work and do my two-day winter Hanbok experience! This year, I believed that the new set of supporters were the ones assisting the guests -- which includes me!  Let me give you an idea of what type of activities occurred during the travel fair:

    Welcoming you is this cute snow globe where you can take photos with the official Imagine your Korea Mascots, Saekdongi (the guy) and Chorongi (the girl).  Both mascots wear the traditional Korean attire called Hanbok and they are officially inviting you to visit their homeland.

    To give you a souvenir of your Korea Travel Fair Experience, the photo booth specifically gives you that feel since the set-up, including the costumes and props were all winter vibes! Suddenly, I missed Korea's winter which I experience last year through Korea Tourism Organization Manila's generous program! 

    If asked what reminds me of winter, the first thing that would pop up in my mind is actually Soohorang and Bandabi. They are the official mascots of Korea in the recent 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. These cute plush dolls in Hanbok would surely greet you at the venue!

    An add on to that Korea feel are the 2018 Korea Tourism Honorary Ambassadors, the EXO members. With 'All That Winter #Korea event,' the aim of the organization was to help Filipinos decide on what type of packages suits their needs when traveling to Korea during winter and what activities they should put on their itineraries. 

    Do you have any idea what type of games are on these photos? These are just some of the 'sports/ activities' that you can try once you visit South Korea during winter. Famous for Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival (얼음나라 화천산천어축제), the fishing activity gives you an idea of how fun fishing on ice would be! Another is the ice hockey which is a famous sport event in Pyeongchang


    You can see the program proper in the receiving area. It is also where you get you stamp card (which you need to fill up at least five) to qualify for a prize!

    On stage are ques of presentations and games wherein organizations from Korea or local and international tourist agencies present their packages and recommendations for travelers.

    A special performance from The King with members Choi Rang, Se Jin, Dong Hyeok, Seung Jae and Bawool leaving that wow face onto the fans.  

    Additionally, Ryan Bang who is the Honorary Ambassador of Gangwon Tourism is also present during the event! Lucky fans who attended the event got the chance to come up the stage and take photos with him! Aside from that, special clips from his Pyeongchang Winter Olympics experience were played on screen.

    But of course, the highlight of the event would be the tours and packages when you plan to Korea this winter! In fact, the travel fair also gave access to lots of discounts and packages to all the attendees!

    Loads of travel tour itineraries for individual travelers themed packages like that of K-dramas, travel tour agency package flyers and cute souvenirs from the generous event sponsors were handed out to everybody! 

    The event is organized by Korean Tourism Organization Manila Office and we are looking forward to next year's Winter Travel Fair!

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