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    Pepero Day 2018

    It's 11/11, popularly known in South Korea as the Pepero Day wherein everyone gives boxes of Pepero on to their loved ones to wish them good health and for them to get thin. We all know how much they value aesthetics right?

    Ella's experience

    Since the fad already reached Manila and even other brands started their own way of celebrating 11/11, Pepero also made their way on to another exciting event for Filipinos, the 11/11 Pepero Day celebration in Glorietta.

    Everyone enjoyed designing their own sticks at the design studio, they just need to line up, get free Pepero sticks and choose the flavors and toppings that you wish to add on your stick. Voila! You got your own Pepero sticks design!

    Aside from the said activity, they also added the take a photo and share it on your Instagram post with the hashtag #PeperoDayPH. You just need to take photos of your own Pepero sticks and share it on your feed. Thousands of people used the hashtag and I got amazed that Filipinos are really creative enough to join the trend. Lucky winners received premium Pepero boxes delivered on to their doorstep.

    Additionally, gift boxes of Pepero were sold at 50 pesos each and if you'll be buying 2, they'll put it in a cute green Pepero box (the one in the photo header). Via honestbee, they also deliver it for only 35 pesos.

    How about you, how did you celebrate 11/11?

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