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    Where to rent Hanbok in Manila? Check this out!

    We got numerous inquiries from friends on where they could rent Hanboks for their kids' nieces, or even for themselves. It is because we all know how important it is to wear a costume on cultural occasions. 

    Well, to lessen the hassle, let me help you out by sharing some shops that we know. 

    Where to rent hanbok in Manila

    Hanbok is the traditional attire of the Korean people. Worn daily up until just 100 years ago, these days it is generally only worn on festive occasions or anniversaries. It is a formal dress and most Koreans keep a hanbok for special occasions. - Korea Tourism Organization.

    Hanbok Pinas

    Where to rent hanbok in Manila
    Hanbok Pinas, which on their page says they have a location in Taytay and Antipolo Rizal boasts about their colorful authentic wide array of Hanbok choices. Aside from their hanbok collection, they also sell Korean traditional fans and accessories.

    Posted on their wall are their policies and you are free to contact them through this number: SMART/TNT - 09480085899 and GLOBE/TM - 09153539929

    Here's the link to their page: Hanbok Pinas

    My Hanbok For Rent PH

    Where to rent hanbok in ManilaWhere to rent hanbok in Manila
    For this shop, you can rent one full set, or mix and match pieces from different sets of Hanbok. This gives you the freedom to choose the color that would fit your desired theme. A limited variety of shoes and accessories are also available for rent.

    You may check on this page for more details: Hanbok for rent PH

    Hanbok Palace

    Where to rent hanbok in Manila
    Hanbok Palace is probably the most well known among the rental shops in Luzon. They even rent out Hanboks that would fit kids and cater huge events for dressing up attendees (for photo or event purposes)!

    Know more about the shop here: Hanbok Palace Costume Shop 

    Note: All photos from this post are borrowed from the pages of the following shops and is not in any way connected with our site.

    Though in the early years, Hanbok has become the ritual attire of many for traditional occasions, it has evolved and became stylish everyday wear in Korea. As for the Philippines, a popular attire for special events especially school and work occasions.

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