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    Fan Confession #1: (NCT fan) How I earned group of friends because of Kpop

    How did Kpop influence you? Were you able to meet new people or create a group of friends during concerts? This NCT fan shares how she earned new friends thanks to her passionate love for NCT!

    Note: Fan Confession Page is a Kimchi City community corner wherein fans are encouraged to share their stories on how they became a Kpop/ Kdrama and Korean culture fan. This is crafted by fans for fans to inspire one another in the community by means of storytelling their experiences. Kimchi City will release a weekly story and we'll keep you updated on our Facebook Page!

    Photo from Youtube

    Fan Confession of Dani

    Kpop Fan

    When did you become a K-pop fan?

    It was in 2014 when my schoolbus-mate introduced me to EXO

    How did you become a K-pop fan?

    I started to become a fan of EXO during the time that they were OT10 to OT9 and BTS during fire - not today era. Then on, I discovered SM rookies where I focused, stayed, loved and supported them. The SM rookies before is now NCT.

    The most memorable part of my fangirl journey is when I discovered SM rookies. I was a fan of EXO and BTS before and I love them but I am not happy with the feeling that I wasn't there with them from the very start. I can't get the exact attachment that I've been longing for so I ended up not staying (stan) for a long time but I still listen to their songs.

    When I learned about SM rookies, everything changed. I like the idea that there's an app where I could interact with them so I felt the connection. I was in elementary during that time so it easily entertained me. I waited for the day that they'll get the spotlight and debut. Their debut made me happy. I was so happy. I miss the 'rice openers' era. ☹️ (Are you aware of it? :) )

    The next one is when I attended the K-pop Republic 2. (Guests include NCT 127, Cosmic Girls, Gfriend and Nflying). During that time, I wasn't really thinking of creating a fan account because I am using my public (real) account and I only wanted to stick with that.

    I attended the concert alone because none of my friends is NCT fan so I felt kinds scared of the idea that I am going alone in a concert. But then, it all changed after I approached some fans who are lining up for the event too. They were a bunch of duos but eventually, we became a big group of friends. That exact moment also made me realize that I need a fan account to follow them and how the world of twitter stans actually work. After two days, I made my account and followed them using that. That's when I stan them using Twitter.

    The next memorable one was when I became one of the OGs of my dear GDM and the NCiTy Filos. In fact, we just celebrated our 1st anniversary on the 18th of April and I'm glad that we became actual friends. I love them sooooo muuuuch! Giving you guys a shout out! Hello and I love yall! πŸ’š

    I still have a lot to share but these are some of those "life-changing" and the"good thing I discovered this" moments. I am thankful that I did because I might regret it a lot if I didn't. Anyways I will continue to give my love to NCT and I will support them whatever paths they may go in the future. πŸ’š

    What are your thoughts on this confession? Share it with us on the comment section! Another one will be out soon so make sure that you follow our Facebook Page. ♥

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