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    Fan Confession #2: My first ever Kpop concert

    Have you ever been to a Kpop concert or a fan meet of an idol? Here's a story of a fangirl who attended her first Kpop concert and how she managed to control her feels every time she sees her idol on screen! We're pretty sure that you've been in this situation before so we can't wait to hear your stories as well!

    Note: Fan Confession Page is a Kimchi City community corner wherein fans are encouraged to share their stories on how they became a Kpop/ Kdrama and Korean culture fan. This is crafted by fans for fans to inspire one another in the community by means of storytelling their experiences. Kimchi City will release a weekly story and we'll keep you updated on our Facebook Page!

    photo from BTS

    Fan Confession of A*****

    Kpop Fan

    When did you become a Kpop fan?

    I became a fan around October of 2016

    How did you become a K-pop fan?

    I am an ARMY so when I got introduced to BTS through the song Blood Sweat and Tears, they got me into KPOP.

    When I became a fan, it made me happier and more inspired to do the current things that I do and become more passionate about the things that I'll be doing. In fact, when I attended my first ever Kpop concert, I bawled so hard as I listen and watch on the solo performance of my bias. I shouted my heart out that my friends even got worried about what I am doing.

    I also scream extremely loud every time I see my bias on screen especially when the camera is focusing on his face. When he takes over the stage during the parts of the performance that he's in the middle of the group, I am too excited and I keep on shouting even when I already have a sore throat.

    What are your thoughts on this confession? Share it with us on the comment section! Another one will be out soon so make sure that you follow our Facebook Page. ♥

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