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    Top excuses that you’ll hear from fans who can’t attend concerts and fanmeeting

    Yep, we are sure that you've used some of these excuses. We all did! We know how it feels like waiting for your idol to arrive in your country to have a fan meeting and concert but #adulting or school needs to drain down your wallet. 

    Or probably, you have something urgent that you need to attend to on the day of the concert. Here are the top excuses of fangirls that you have used or will surely use in the future:

    “The ticket price is very expensive”

     This is probably the most used one for fans. We know how high ticket prices are and for a student or someone who has to pay bills, we must learn how to value every cent so we skip the fan meeting and simply pray that they'll gonna come back in the Philippines or we might see them in Korea in the future.

    The venue is too far from their house and they need to buy plane tickets (additional costs)

    Ticket - Check! The ticket itself is already expensive, what more if you need to travel all the way from the province to Manila? This is another issue in terms of students or even working fans who live in the province that requires additional transportation costs just to fly to the 'sacred land' (concert venue) to see their idols!

    “My parents are strict”

    It might sound so grade school but it's true that there are strict parents that do not allow their kids to go out and attend concerts. It can be because they find it not useful at all or probably because it is a waste of money and time as they often find fangirling a type of 'obsession' that needs to stop. Don't you think so?

    “My schedule is too busy”

    This is more often than not, used by the working class or students that are about to take their final exams or currently doing their thesis. They are too busy during the ticket selling day or the concert day itself so they can't attend the event. Better than using the term 'my schedule is busy,' how about 'I can see them in Korea after I finish my studies or my work.'

    They just don’t like extremely crowded place

    Have you ever been in a fan meeting that it was too jam-packed in the standing area and without moving your feet, you already get swayed by the oceans of people and no matter how much you'd like to move away from them, there's no other choice but to finish the event until everyone dispurses? Concerts (specifically the VIP standing area) is not a good place for claustrophobics.

    “My friends are not coming so I won’t come”

    #Clingy-- are you that kind of friend? We've probably been through this situation quite a lot of times. This is the time wherein your fangirl or fanboys friends cannot attend so you might as well decide not to attend the concert. What's an event when you can't spazz together, right?

    Oops! Sold Out.

    You might be sleeping like Snow White the whole time while the world stopped for the ticket selling. Too bad there are quite a number of people who cannot attend events because the tickets were sold out. This often happens when the concert or fan meeting is from a popular artist.

    “No one will take care of my younger sister/brother” or the famous “no one will be left at home”

    There are concerts and fan meetings that usually happens on a weekday or if not -- a Saturday wherein some parents or the fans themselves still need to work so there's no one left at home to take care of their siblings. More so, their kids. Of course, bringing them at the concert or fan meeting venue is a choice but it will cost you a thousand bucks just to do that. 

    “There’s another group coming and I stan them all so priorities.”

    Multifandom, whatever angle we look at it means you are in dire need of a budget to sustain your fangirl addiction if you are a collector and you'd like to attend all their concerts at the same time. If not, then maybe it's time that you rank your most favorite group to the least or spot the cheapest concert tickets available!


    No matter how much we love an artist or a group, as we reach adulting stage, there are bills to pay, you need to survive and feed yourself until the next payday and you just have to save money for the future and you've outgrown the days that you are very much willing to skip your classes just to attend fan meetings. There's always a next time!

    **photos and gifs used in this article are all borrowed online. Credits to all the owners.

    Which of them have you used before or might probably use in the future? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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