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    Fan Account: MY TURN Mark Siwat in Manila 2019

    Mark Siwat recently made it to Manila to meet his fans and one of the lucky fans who made it to the event shared her story with us! Here's a lucky fangirl story that transpired during the My Turn: Mark Siwat in Manila:

    by Zeena Marie Ortiz

    I started to discover Mark Siwat when he played the role of “Kengkla” in Love By Chance and from then on I have been a great fan of him. Since then, I really anticipated his first solo fan meeting here in Manila as it would be a really great opportunity for me to get close to one of my favorite actors.

    When the day of the fan meeting came, we all felt the excitement especially when he entered the hall. I didn’t really expect him to dance to a K-pop girl group song on this special moment. He danced to BLACKPINK’s Ddu Du Ddu Du and despite the fact that it is a girl group song, a guy like him managed to slay it and performed well on stage.

    The fan meeting turned wilder when he danced to EXO’s Love Shot that even the other fans can’t help but chant along with the song while Mark showed us his dancing skills and sexy moves. Given that the song is already sexy, he made the venue hotter that all the fans got overwhelmed with the opening act.  It is touching to know that during his free time from school and busy schedule as an actor, he took a lot of time to watch and practice the dance moves for us, his fans.

    Right after the hot performance, He started to tone down the mood by singing a cover of a Thai song “Uncommon” by Mook Worranit. I enjoyed that moment simply because I also love that song. Aside from that, watching him performing both our favorite song is just too touching for me that I am overflowing with so much feels the whole time. 

    The fans gladly sang in chorus as Mark performed a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” while playing the guitar and the atmosphere was so serene that even when the location of black card seats were quite awkward I only stared at his back and listened solely to his voice while he is singing.

    It was so romantic that when he sang the last line “...wait for me to come home”, I felt emotional and I suddenly want to cry. Mark also let the crowd sing along with him that makes the fan meet even more perfect. Although Mark doesn’t want to end the fan meet, Mark wrapped up the show with his cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” that he dedicated to the fans inside the venue.

    My favorite part of the whole event was claiming my fan benefit for the Black card. It was the most anticipated event of all the attendees especially the fans with the wristbands for perks. After a lot
    of hesitation and trembling knees, I managed to give him my gifts and his wave to me made
    everything worth it. It was all worth it from the show down to the perks.

    The most embarrassing thing that day was when I spoke with Mark in Tagalog wherein I said “wait lang kinakabahan ako” (Wait, I feel really nervous) because I guess I am too nervous to think of
    anything and he laughed a little at my antics. I guess he understood my gestures or my nervousness was pretty evident that time.

    After that, I got a chance to have a photo with him. He smells so nice when I had the chance to be beside him for a few seconds for the one on one photo. Aside from that,  I got to have him sign his poster in front of me.  When it was finally time to go down the stage, I looked at him for the last time and said goodbye to him but the most unforgettable moment for me was when he smiled genuinely to me and said, “see you”. 

    Indeed, it is not a goodbye for it will never be the last. Siwat’s fanmeeting brought a lot of good memories to me that I will cherish forever while I continue to support him with his future endeavors.

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