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    Here's why Filipinos should watch 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty' on PH television

    My ID is Gangnam Beauty will soon be dubbed and aired on Philippine television and we all know how much love it received from international and Korean audience. Here are some of the reasons why Filipinos should watch this drama.

    1. It goes beyond the norms for beauty

     Even though the world is already up for individuals who undergo plastic surgeries to enhance their beauty, there are still countries who aren't open to this kind of culture for aesthetics. We know that most Kdramas are always with the perfectly good looking lead roles but this time, they changed the perspective of the audience by adding a twist on the lead role wherein the highlight is the imperfection of the character giving the audience a new taste of K-culture in terms of physical beauty and appearance.

    2. It's not the traditional plot

    The nearly perfect authentic looks of a guy who's not into girls partnered with a girl with zero confidence with her looks make up the perfect plot. Surrounded by judgemental and supportive people, betrayals, hatreds, love, and support, it is sure that people of all ages can relate and enjoy this drama. This is also perfect for students since the story circulates with college students digging a few of their conflicts and situations in the past to resolve things in the present. Also, other characters exhibit common issues such as insecurities among the young generation.

    3. It makes us understand Korean culture further

    Dating scandals become huge when people involved are popular and are having good looks. This is just one of the common K-culture that circulates in the story but more than that, the small ones like the importance of respect for 'school seniors,' having plastic surgeries to improve beauty and more can be seen on the drama. 

    4. The characters are surprisingly beautiful inside and out

    Despite all the issues that have to be resolved, there's more to the characters that would make you fall in love with them more than just the looks. They have interesting characteristics that eventually makes them unique, not just the lead roles but even the supporting characters down to the simplest ones. As this is situated in a university scene, you'll get to compare the college life of students from South Korea to your own hometown.

    5. This is a dubbed version

    Since it's gonna be shown in Philippine television, this drama is dubbed in Filipino so there's no need to worry in terms of watching with subtitles. Plus, it's gonna be aired in one of the major tv networks, ABS-CBN so we are pretty sure that it will also be a hit to Filipino viewers!

    Are you excited to watch My ID is Gangnam Beauty soon?

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