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    PH ARMYs reminisce on their most unforgettable fangirl moment as BTS celebrates their 6th anniversary

    As the world celebrates the 6th anniversary of BTS, some of the Philippine Armys shared how they became a fan of these seven boys who conquered the international scene through their music. Here are some of the fans' most unforgettable moments with BTS!

    Anne Delfin

    Fan since 2013

    I’ve been a fan of BTS since November 2013! Randomly saw them on Melon awards (since I was streaming to cheer for SHINee) and got intrigued by their performance since it was a cool hip-hop stage! Started researching about them the next few days after seeing them again on a music show and was amazed how awesome they are in performing especially live!

    They were also so cute and funny in their old variety shows, which got me hooked on them! One of my most unforgettable moments was their first concert here in Manila last 2014, which was The Red Bullet II! It was so much fun since I was with my close ARMY friends and since they didn’t have many fans that time, it wasn’t that crazy plus I got to attend the hi-touch and actually get to see them face to face!

    Another unforgettable moment was I got to attend their 2nd fan meeting or MUSTER in Korea with ARMY bffs and got to see BTS have fun onstage with games and see some new songs being performed for the first time before it got shown to the public! I’m still making more unforgettable moments with them and with my ARMY friends and I hope they'll have more anniversaries maybe for the next 10 years lol

    Irene Joy Villanueva

    Fan since 2013

    I became an official ARMY last August 2013 after I was introduced to them in a K-event here in Bacolod. During that time, they just debuted and I never expected that I'll be a part of this fandom. I was introduced to BTS bu my best friend in a Kpop event in Bacolod claiming that the boys got angst on their performances. I wasn't really paying attention since I am stanning a different group that time but when the music video has been played on the event's screen, the No More Dream MV made me say WOW. I am startled and my best friend told me that it was the same group that was introduced to me a day before the event that I didn't bother looking at. After that moment, I kept on spazzing about BTS up until today.

    Also, my most unforgettable moment as an ARMY is when I had the chance to attend the Epilogue Concert last July 30, 2016. It was one of the happiest days of my life! I saw them and I cried a lot! I did everything so that I could attend that concert and became a part of their 2nd concert here in the Philippines.

    Zeena Marie Ortiz

    Fan since 2014
    I started as an ARMY since November 2014 and it is because I am so amazed by their large fanbase here in Philippines that I have been curious to check them out. From simple checking out some information about them, I never expected that I will love them so much that they have been such a huge impact in my life.

    They have helped me to love myself and know more about what I like to do and deserve to have. Because of BTS, I want to say that music is not just a song that you will listen to when you are riding on a bus or walking down the street. If you analyze the meaning behind it, it can bring a major change in your life. Indeed, the most beautiful moment in my life is BTS.

    Alex Lopez

    I became an ARMY after watching RM's UN speech. His speech moved me. During that time I was at a dark place. I was lost in life. I was depressed. I didn't know how to go on. But he sparked a light in me.
    "The me of yesterday is still me. I am who I am today because of all my mistakes. I have come to love myself for who I am, who I was and who I hope to become."
    Because of Namjoon I was inspired and motivated. I am glad that I didn't give up because I am now in a better place. BTS helped me overcome my battles and they taught me that I have reasons to love myself. I am so thankful to them. That's why when they announced their Asian tour date, I didn't hesitate to watch them in other countries. I went to Love Yourself tour in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

    It was a worthwhile and unforgettable experience. My favorite moment was singing "Answer: Love Myself". On both shows, I couldn't help but cry. Answer: Love Myself is my favorite song of BTS because of the message. My tears were falling while I was singing "You've shown me I have reasons I should love myself" to them. It was beautiful. Ever since I became an ARMY, my days are brighter and more colorful. I am thankful to BTS every day and I will be with them forever.

    Mary Joy Padilla

    Fan since 2016
    Being an ARMY is one of the best things that have ever happened in my entire life and it is the highlight of my Kpop fangirling since 2008. It has always been a great honor for me to be part of BTS’ journey and to help them in inspiring more people through their music, sincerity, and brotherhood. I met so many friends of different ages and races in the ARMY fandom who became my second family. 

    A lot of unforgettable moments with BTS and with my fellow ARMYs have happened, but one of the most meaningful ones for me is the strong relationship built between Korean ARMYs and the International ARMYs. Despite the challenges being encountered, our friendship powerfully remained through time—transcending language and cultural barriers while protecting our boys all together.

    We cried a lot and shared beautiful stories with each other—bringing our boys to greater heights as we become wings for one another. The boys know about this and they are very happy about it. I pray for more strength and wisdom between BTS and the ARMYs all over the world as we celebrate six wonderful years and counting with each other. Strong power thank you!

    MC / @thishappyfandom

    Fan since 2015

    One lazy summer day in 2015 (I wasn't into Kpop then), I randomly watched Myx's Kpop segment. Few MVs later, BTS' DOPE played... and that was the door for me to admire and fangirl over Kpop hahaha! Fast forward to today, I now have a growing collection of anything BTS. More importantly, those seven wonderful people have become my constant lifesavers in this weird, chaotic world... 

    I can't choose a specific 'Most Unforgettable Moment' with BTS for every moment I have with them has a special memory storage room in my mind and are all very unique!~ Hmm but I can say that with every moment, I can never ever forget the goosebumps and all the emotions that come with it as I experience such. It always feels so surreal that I become teary-eyed every time! Haha... That is the best overwhelming emotion my self has ever had. I've been thankful beyond miles and words and anything anyone can ever measure.

    Maricarle M.Cadion

    Fan since 2015
    Im a fangirl for a long time but im still searching for the group that I will idolize and stan. I appreciate all the KPOP groups I know and I love their music but BTS changed my life.

    In 2015, a friend introduced BTS and suggested that I should watch 'I need u' music video. She warned me that her bias is V but I have no idea who he is that time. After watching the MV, one of the members took my attention and it was V so he became my bias as well.

    It was in weekly idol when I first watched their guesting, they were really funny. I spent almost a year filling my social media accounts with numerous BTS posts. It's because of this group that I enjoyed fangirling in college. BTS is the group who creates music that would help others especially those who struggle with mental health.

    The group gave me so much happiness but I felt a little sad at times. There came a time that I wanted to end my life because I feel useless and I had to deal with anxiety and depression. It became worse that I was really suicidal. They say its a sin but for those with mental illness, it is a way to cope up with what we feel and for us not to feel the pain. There were times that I just cry and my weight gets lesser because I don't want to eat.

    I was about to end everything but it was when BTS released their 'Love Yourself Album' and I think that it is a sign for me to overcome this situation. I need to love myself and there's plenty of reasons for me to live. I am also happy that I got a copy of the album as well. The album is very beautiful and it is worth it. I kept supporting them and a year after, I had an Army bomb version 3 lightstick and got some official and unofficial merchandise. It reminds me of the first concert that I've been to. Despite not having a voice because of too much shouting, I was really happy. It might not be their first solo concert, I am still happy that I got to attend it and see them from afar. Waiting for them was all worth it because I knew that they were true to us, to their fans.

    Because of BTS, I regained my self-confidence little by little. I know it is hard but I'll do my best especially that there's always a BTS for us, Army. That for every sadness, we could feel that things would gonna turn right. That for every members' laughter, it would be a reason for us to laugh as well (especially Jhope's laugh haha!). This is when I could say that I am proud of myself and of my boys. I am proud that I became an Army. I hope they will take of one another especially their health and I am always thankful that they helped me save myself. I love you all.

    What's the best thing that made you proud of being an ARMY? Share it with us on the comment section!

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