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    Cutest Kpop fandom lightsticks you wish you have!

    Being a Kpop fan doesn't just end with watching their recently released music videos. Stepping up your fangirling means you must at least attend a fan meet or a concert, even once in your lifetime! Of course, to give that all out support, be a part of the cutest 'ocean' that your fandom can produce for your idol.

    Here are some of the cutest lightsticks you wish you and your fandom have:

    photo from Korea World Entertainment
    Blackjacks are one of the luckiest fans who first enjoyed their official lightstick as 2ne1 released one of the cutest lightsticks designs to date. Their card design and the Jack design having the 2ne1 logo and wings proved how high they've reached in the Kpop industry and they gave a chance to their fans to fly with them by having a chance to own this cute lightstick and be a part of the ocean. 

    Release date: March 19, 2014

    Pink Panda represent! The panda bong is just as cute as the name of their fandom and that each of their lightsticks actually represents their fans glowing for their favorite group Apink. Their specially designed lightstick is dedicated by Apink to their fans and they added the hearts on the eyes of the Panda as well.

    Release date: May 20, 2018


    Representing how VIP can Bigbang fans be, a crown like a lightstick creating a sea of yellow lights during concert is designed to create all their concerts and fan meets a memorable one for their fans. The crown lightstick has numerous versions and each has its own cute design.

    Release date: Jan 01, 2005


    Having one of the most unique fandom lightsticks is the ARMY Bomb from BTS. They have the Bluetooth color changing lightstick that can change the feel and the color of the 'lightstick ocean' during concerts and fan meetings making every performance really colorful and memorable.

    Release date: February 10, 2017


    Known for being one of the most synchronized, aesthetically pleasing group in the industry, SHINee's lightstick designed to be an aqua pearl diamond that seems to be an ocean pearl during fan meetings especially when waved by the fans!

    Release date: May 28, 2018


    Twice's candy bong displays how sweet and colorful Twice and their fans are. It creates a nice pink ocean during events and even Twice members took a selca with their Candy Bong! The candy bong will simply remind you of your favorite circle lollipop with a twisted pink and white color!

    Release date: October 21, 2016


    Despite only having a year as a group, I.O.I released a cute ice cream bong for their fans! In fact, it garnered numerous nice comments from the fans about its design. Also, as the group only lasted for a year, this is truly special for all the fans!

    Release date: June 1, 2016


    The sweetest thing about the Blackpink hammer bong is that it was designed by the members itself. The concept is the hammer design that kids usually use to play but the ends were designed as hearts having the Blackpink trademark logo.

    Release date: May 28, 2018


    Signifying infinity and at the same time, the logo of infinite, the Yeobong lightstick of the group gives a golden light color. It was first released as a part of their concert goodies and yearly, it has been well celebrated by fans since it was first released!

    Release date: September 1, 2014


    When iKON released their iconic Konbat, it drew lots of attention from netizens! From its combat design having the logo of iKON, it is sure that its gonna set every concert and fan meeting on fire with its burning red color that's gonna create a sea of extremely red hot color!

    Release date: November 28, 2018


    One of the most aesthetic and millennial color, the lightstick of Seventeen screams serenity and rose quartz, the carat bong also has the name of seventeen on its handle, it has the ability to change its color to show support to other fandoms!

    Release date: Feb 10, 2017

    Is the lightstick of your fandom a part of our list? Share your favorite lightsticks on the comment section of this post!

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