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    Highly suggested gifts for your Kpop fangirl friends

    For every season, we are pretty sure that you had a hard time deciding on what gift you should gift to your friends. We've listed down some of our top picks to give to you like suggestions on what items to gift your Kpop friends.

    Guess what, this is our yearly dilemma so we'd like to help you through this list so there's no need to cram. Be it birthdays, special events or holidays! :)

    1. Stickers or Postcards

    When I first got a roll of cute Korean stickers, I was really happy! It's super cute that I'd like to stick them all at once on my wall and even at the back of my phone! These items are usually available in Korean stores around the malls! I found some in Artbox too.

    2. Accessories and Socks

    These cute socks are everywhere! If you plan to give that cutie Korean look on to your friend, why not gift them these cute socks which cost below 100 pesos! You may also try accessories from Korean stores and even local department stores! Kpop fans are very stylish so they'll be appreciated that a lot!

    3. Plushies or Pillows

    Plushies are now a part of the merchandise that y'all would love to keep! Aside from most of these plushies are conceptualized based on the character of an idol, if not -- designed by the idol themselves! There are plenty of original ones and even replicas for a cheaper cost!

    4. Online stickers

    This is often my favorite and convenient way of sending gifts nowadays especially to my international friends. Since we are fond of using kakaotalk, a social network app which allows you to create group chats or individual chats and make use of cute online stickers. This works like Facebook messenger. The good thing is that stickers only cost less than $5 and is easy to send as gifts! There's plenty of chatting apps that sell aside from kakaotalk so you may check the ones you are using and take a look at the items that are appealing to you!

    5. Korean food
    Why not give them a mukbang night and have your own unlimited samgyupsal experience in a nearby Korean restaurant! That's a perfect place to hang out and spazz!

    6. Surprise box (if you have plenty of time to do it / or budget to order one!)

    Surprise boxes are so popular nowadays that you as the sender got no idea what's inside the box! Try buying one online and send it on to your friends! If you are feeling confident that you know what your friend does loves, then take time to stroll at the mall and have your suprise box customized by purchasing some of their favorites and putting it in a box!

    The expensive ones (For the friendship that lasted about five years and above! Haha!)

    7. Light sticks

    If your bff is attending a concert soon, then this is the best gift for her! Who wouldn't be any happier to raise your lightstick and be a part of your fandom's ocean for a memorable concert night?

    8. Albums (Signed if possible!) or Official Posters

    When a friend of mine gave a me an album of favorite artist -- the first time back in 2009, I could still imagine how much I cried because I was too happy back then -- for albums weren't easily available and costs a lot from taxes to shipping fees! Nowadays, you can easily purchase one from an online shop or physical shops like CNA.

    9. Cosmetics

    If your friend is the beauty-conscious type, then cosmetics or skin care products would be a great fit! Lots of new Korean cosmetics brands recently opened in Manila and Innisfree is one of them! Also, Hanmanila is the distributor of huge names like cosrx and Touch in sol!

    10. Concert Tickets

    Do we need any explanation for this? All kpop fans dreamt of watching their faves live and giving them concert ticket means giving them the chance to check one of their wish list on their bucket list!

    Add-ons: If you love them that much, how about premium subscriptions on to their favorite podcast or streaming?

    **all photos are borrowed online :)

    What's on your list now? Share with me through the comment section!

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