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    Kim Jae Wook 김재욱 Profile Overview

    A well-maintained body and looks that will make you give him a second look if you happen to pass by on him in a street, Kim Jae Wook 김재욱 -- another oppa or probably at an age that's gotta pass the level of Ahjussi is famous for numerous fangirls in various ages. Here are some of the trivia about him that you must know!

    Background Highlights

    Birthday: April 2, 1983
    Place of Birth: South Korea
    He speaks Japanese fluently
    He is a musical actor and a part of a band

    Early Years

    When he was still a baby, his family migrated to Japan because of his father's work as a journalist who turned into a foreign correspondent. He, later on, came back to South Korea when he was eight years old. However, during that time, Kim Jae Wook hardly speaks Korean.

    He started his proper learning of Korean language and culture when he entered Elementary school. Adjusting to the Korean school system, he had a hard time adapting to the change. In high school, he shared his skills by joining class activities including school bands. During his freshman year at Dandae High School, he auditioned for 'Kaksital,' and eventually became a member.

    First TV Appearance

    Kim Jae Wook first appeared on the show "Akdong Club" of MBC TV, reality shows that behind the scene of how an idol group is made. In the show, there was a high school student who auditioned and among the students include Kim Jae Wook as a contestant.

    One of the most memorable parts of it is when the host eventually asked Kim Jae Wook if he performs a song and dance number in an idol group style aside from his signature rock music one. With no hesitation, he gave a 'no' as an answer and eventually gave up on the audition.

    Modeling Career

    Kim Jae Wook first walked the runway when he was in his sophomore year. Aside from that, he started as a model for fashion magazines like the 'Yuhaeng Tongshin' but at the same time, he still enjoys his music career especially when he is with his band. Later on, he published a book with four female supermodels in Korea and the book was entitled 'Top Model.'

    Music Career

    He entered the Seoul Institute of the Arts and majored in music. During his stay at the institute, he created a three-man team rock band named 'Walrus.' The name of the band rooted from the song of Beatles 'I am Walrus.' Given that the group is created through passion, they are still actively creating and performing every time the group members have free time to jam together.

    First Acting Break

    It was in 2002 where a PD from MBC named Park Sung Soo advised Kim Jae Wook to become an actor and at the same year. he entered the TV drama entertainment industry through the drama "Ruler of Your Own World," doing and acting as a member of an indie rock band, something that isn't so new to him. As he had a hard time on his first acting role, it took him five years before he went back on screen through the drama 'Dalja's Spring.'

    Breakthrough in the Entertainment Industry: Coffee Prince (2007)

    Part of the trio that has been coined "꽃미남 프린스" - meaning literally "Handsome Flower Princes" and the role of Kim Jae Wook as Noh Sun Ki is the mysterious tyle Japanese speaking guy who cooks and sells waffles! Coffee Prince has been tagged one of the most popular Korean dramas during its year and a classic-gender bender story that everyone loved.

    Movie Actor Career

    Having a not so typical role, his acting debut in the movie industry started through a film entitled 'Antique' wherein he played the role of a patissier that widely renowned but is a homosexual at the same time. Even though he displayed a nice character to it, he admitted that he had difficulties in portraying the role naturally.

    Kim Jae Wook in a musical 

    ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ is a musical wherein Kim Jae Wook played the role of Hedwig, where he does a lot of cross-dressing but still managed to perform so manly on stage doing a lot of rock music! You can watch some of his performances on Youtube and we bet that it wasn't something that you expect!

    Here's a list of Kim Jae Wook's Movies

    Movie Title: Butterfly Sleep (2018)

    Chou no Nemuri (蝶の眠り / 나비잠)
    Role: Chanhae

    Movie Title: Another Way (2017)

    Dareun Gili Itda (다른 길이 있다)
    Role: Soo-Wan

    Movie Title: The Last Princess (2016)

    Deokhyeongjoom (덕혜옹주)
    Role: Takeyuki

    Movie Title: Two Rooms, Two Nights (2016)

    Doo Gaeui Yeonae (두 개의 연애)
    Role: In-Sung

    Movie Title: Planck Constant (2015)

    Peulrangkeu Sangsoo (플랑크 상수)
    Role: Kim Woo-Joo

    Movie Title: C'est si bon (2015)

    Role: cameo

    Movie Title: Antique (2008)

    Seoyangkoldong Yangkwajajeom Aentikeu (서양골동양과자점 앤티크)
    Role: Min Seon-Woo

    TV Movie Title: Drama Festival 2014: 4teen (2014)

    Role: Joon-Yi (30's)
    Channel: MBC

    Here's a list of Kim Jae Wook's Drama Series

    Drama Title: Her Private Life (2019)

    Geunyeoui Sasaenghwal (그녀의 사생활)
    Role: Ryan Gold
    Channel: tvN

    Drama Title: Quiz from God: Reboot (2018-2019)

    Shinui Kwijeu Ributeu 신의 퀴즈 리부트
    Role: AI Joo-On (ep.16)
    Channel: OCN

    Drama Title: The Guest (2018)

    Son: The Guest 손: The Guest
    Role: Choi Yoon
    Channel: OCN

    Drama Title: Temperature of Love (2017)

    Sarangui Ondo 사랑의 온도
    Role: Park Jung-Woo
    Channel: SBS

    Drama Title: Voice (2017)

    boise 보이스
    Role: Mo Tae-Goo
    Channel: OCN

    Drama Title: Inspiring Generation (2014)

    Gamgyukshidae: Tooshinui Tansaeng 감격시대 : 투신의 탄생
    Role: Kim Soo-Ok (ep.1-8)
    Channel: (KBS2)

    Drama Title: Who Are You (2013) 

    Who Are You 후아유
    Role: Lee Hyung-Joon
    Channel: tvN

    Drama Title: Marry Me, Mary! (2010)

    Maerineun Uibakjoong 매리는 외박중
    Role: Jung-In
    Channel: KBS2

    Drama Title: Bad Guy (2010)

    Nabbeun Namja 나쁜남자
    Role: Hong Tae-Sung
    Channel: SBS

    The Land of the Wind (2008-2009)

    Baramui Nara 바람의 나라
    Role: Chu Bal-Su
    Channel: KBS2

    Drama Title: Coffee Prince (2007)

    Kapi Peurinseu 1hojeom 커피 프린스 1호점
    Role: No Seon-Ki
    Channel: MBC

    Drama Title: Dalja's Spring (2007)

    Daljaui Bom 달자의 봄
    Role: **Kim Jae Wook**
    Channel: KBS2

    Drama Title: Ruler of Your Own World (2002)

    Ne meotdaero haera 네 멋대로 해라
    Role: **Kim Jae Wook**
    Channel: MBC

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