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    Kpop artists who are also vloggers (Youtubers)

    We know how it feels to wait for the next upcoming music video or fan meet of our favorite idol but some of these well-loved Kpop artists stepped-up their fan service by creating their own vlog and sharing their personal lives further through their channel. Yup, welcome to the Youtube world!

    Here goes our list:

    1. Baekhyun (Exo)

    Baekhyun's channel
    Exo's popularity is already given worldwide but when Baekhyun decided to open his own channel, he achieved more than a million subscribers in less than a month proving that the power of Exo-L is beyond the galaxy. Aside from that, through his channel, Baekhyun shows a few behind the scenes of his events abroad and his normal daily life when he's not in the spotlight. Baekhyun just started his vlog account this May 2019 and it has about 1.3 million subscribers in just two weeks. 

    What to expect from the vlog?

    Baekhyun's vlog showcases numerous aspects of his life including his schedules, thoughts and random encounters on events and even coffee breaks! He do not usually do much talking and there are numerous sequences in a certain episode. It is literally like an overview of Baekhyun's day.

    2. N (Vixx)

    N's channel: Achahakyeon

    N of Vixx's channel is all about showing the realistic side of his daily routine so it fits the title 'Today's record' (오늘의 기록). It's all about his regular schedule and his home routine including his cooking and preparation time. Achahakyeon started with a melo-dramatic music video style video and eventually evolved into N's different collaborations and the aesthetic of the shots had been loved by many fans all over the world.

    What to expect from the vlog?

    From time to time, he releases personal videos about his events or dance covers. Apart from that, we highly suggest that you watch even the first view videos on his vlog so that you would appreciate his aesthetics for videos and how good the shots are. 

    3. Chanwoo (iKon)
    Chanwoo's channel: Chanwoo Sari
    Chanwoo of Ikon, having about 400,000++ subscribers upon writing this article has a typical travel, lifestyle and lots of mukbang videos. In fact, he added numerous mukbang from his travels and these mukbangs are some of the videos that you can see his cute smiles the most! Additionally, the editing of the video makes it cuter as it feels like you are watching a variety show because of the background music and fonts!

    What to expect from the vlog?

    Some may find his vlog quite serious but the rarity of his smiles is something to look forward to as it excites you more whenever you watch! Also expect a lot of mukbangs, random storytellings and travel destinations, and food that you might also be interested to add in your itinerary.

    4. Sorn (CLC)

    Sorn's Channel: Produsorn

    Amazed with how Sorn could actually speak fluent English, Korean and Thai on her channel, her charms actually made her gain a lot of subscribers from all over the world. Aside from her pretty face that would not let you miss any scene from her vlog, she has a witty personality that's perfect for a talk show host. She also features a lot of different artists, play games and shows off a lot of different emotions whenever she gets so excited!

    What to expect from the vlog?

    This vlog features her life as an idol including the things she does for a day. One of the things that you'll also notice is that she shows the gifts of her fans from one episode to another show so much appreciation to all hers and CLC fans. Her down to earth personality is very well appreciated by her fans as seen on the comments.

    5. Sandara Park (2ne1)

    Dara's channel: Dara TV

    The quirky side of Dara is already given on stage but it has been doubled or probably tripled on Dara TV as she shares her thoughts, schedules, travels and the food she eats on her channel. Whenever you watch Dara TV, there would be times that you'll gonna feel like you are actually watching Battle Trip. Dara also features different artists and people on her channel so you'll never get bored watching various episodes in one sitting.

    What to expect from the vlog?

    On her vlog, she's holding the camera and do the talking most of the time so you'll be expected to laugh a lot because of her random sounds and a few weird thoughts that she shares all of a sudden. After all, she's not Krungy for nothing!

    Luna (f(x))

    Luna's channel: Luna's Alphabet루나의 알파벳

    Luna is not just a pretty face. She got the charms, the wit and a lot of words to host her own vlog through her channel Luna's alphabet which features mostly about her beauty tips, skin care routines, life as an idol and collaborations with other artists and youtubers. You can easily notice the excitement whenever she does her intro and the spontaneity of her words.  

    What to expect from the vlog?

    You'll find a lot of interesting topics from Luna's vlog including her favorite items for skin care, make-ups, travels, and experiences. She has been so enthusiastic 

    Peniel (BTOB)

    Peniel's channel: POV

    Peniel's blog is in English so a lot of international fans could actually relate and be able to understand what he features. We love that he's quite serious whenever he goes solo but its hilariously funny whenever he features some BTOB members. We also love the fact that he vlogs during BTOB concerts and fan meetings and be able to feature some of his fans. 

    What to expect on the vlog?

    Since this is an English vlog, there are times that BTOB members appear on the vlog and they are required to speak in English when they go in front of the camera. Some vlogs, on the other hand, is about his events, schedules, and travels. We wonder how he even videos himself sleeping inside a car.

    Jae (Day 6)

    Jae's Channel: JaeSix

    Whenever you watch Jae's vlog, it feels like you are actually watching an MTV or he's hosting a radio or TV program because of the feels of the show and he goes so spontaneous whenever he talks. Jae also features other artists for collaborations but he goes funnier whenever he plays with other artists. 

    What to expect on the vlog?

    There are appearances from his co-JYP artists and other international artists for random features and activities like Q&As. The editing of his videos also looks like something from variety shows. Jae also does reaction videos, random vlogs and 'You ask, you answer' segments.

    U-Kwon (Block B)

    U-kwon's channel: Ukwon

    U-kwon's channel is his online storage for dance practices and a few concert clips included on his channel. Compared to other artists' vlogs, this focuses more on him sharing his personal events for his fans rather than doing self-taken videos so expect that it is more on him helping the fans memorize the steps of their songs.

    What to expect on the vlog?

    There are only a few uploaded videos on his channel and as mentioned earlier, it is just mostly videos with dance practices and concert clips.

    Amber Liu

    Amber Liu's channel: WTP

    Known for being straightforward and funny at the same time, Amber and her channel 'What the Pineapple,' is like an Amber talk show. She shares her routines and even her family and friends thoughts about random things. In one of her videos, she even featured JackJack, a dog and checked on what exactly is the dog's family roots by checking on his DNA.

    What to expect from the vlog?

    Compared to other artists, only transitions for the vlog and a little background music can be noticed on Amber's vlog making it a little more focus on the contents itself.

    What are your thoughts on this article? Who are your favorite artists that we should include in this article? Share it with us in the comment section!

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