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    Kdramas that will make you fall for Lee Sung Kyung

    Starting her career as a model who competed in 2008's South Korea's Super Model Contest, Lee Sung Kyung got the ball rolling in her career. On her way up, she debuted as the first YG Entertainment actress and K-plus for the SBS drama 'It's okay, that's love.'

    She took the spotlight in the drama 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo in 2016 where we all saw her swaggin' character as a student weightlifter who falls in love for the first time and finally met his former schoolmate played by Nam Joo Hyuk who is also in the swimming team of the school. Lee Sung Kyung was rumored to be dating his lead actor Nam Joo Hyuk during that time. Here are some of her Kdramas that you should watch before her fan meeting in Manila!

    About Time 

    Choi Michaela
    Main Role

    Lee Sung Kyung plays the role of Choi Michaela is a gifted child having a special ability to foresee the life span of a person. In the process, she met a guy who can actually stop her abilities and life-clock and under some serious circumstances, they fell in love with one another.

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

    Kim Bok Joo
    Main Role

    Kim Bok Joo (the role of Lee Sung Kyung) is a competitive weightlifting student and she met her previous schoolmate Jung Joon Hyung (the role of Nam Joo Hyuk) who is also studying in the same university and is a part of the swimming team. The feel-good drama shows how students enjoy their university life, their struggles, life and love issues and more.


    Dr. Jin Seo Woo
    Main Role

    Doctors is a Korean drama that highlights the story of a female doctor played by the role of Park Shin Hye who struggles to survive daily life due to her past experiences and environment causing her a huge trouble mental state. In the process, her colleagues learn about her situation and it is where numerous circumstances within the hospital starts.

    Cheese in the Trap

    Baek In Ha
    Main Role

    Cheese in the Trap is the story of college students and happening inside and outside of the campus. It highlights the personal journey of certain students including Hong Seol and her relationship with the mysterious Yoo Jung who happens to have a mysterious side in his personality.

    Flower of the Queen

    Kang Yi Sol
    Main Role

    The Flowe of the Queen is a drama that circulates within the story of an ambitious star chef who has her own cooking show. The chef meets an arrogant man who happens to have a huge company but he has a strange and lonely character inside.

    Lee Sung Kyung will be coming to Manila on July 27, 2019 for her first "Be Joyful" Fanmeeting so make sure that you get your tickets here: Lee Sung Kyung Be Joyful Fanmeeting ticketing.

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