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    Pros and cons of having a Korean boyfriend

    I bet, you've seen a lot about Korean couples through Kdramas but how does it feel like to have a Korean boyfriend? Some of you might have experienced it but some are still wondering. Here are our thoughts:


    1. You get to learn about their culture and language

    The willingness to learn is the key. That's also the initial key to having a relationship with any nationality, regardless if they speak English or not. When you have a foreign boyfriend, the best part is that you learn from their language and culture. You'll learn new expressions, words and starts to use them and apply them too. On the other hand, you may also influence them with your culture and share some common Filipino expressions. Cultural exchange is one thing that I appreciate the most with this kind of relationship.

    2. They are naturally caring and sweet

    Skinship in Korean, PDA in the Philippines. For Filipinos, we might find it awkward when a guy is being too gentleman but Koreans are pretty protective of their girls. If you'd like to know if a guy is initially interested with you-- check on his manners towards you not on what he is actually saying.

    3. You'll be receiving random stuff every 100 days! (Plus other special events)

    If Filipinos do have 'monthsaries' and 'anniversaries'. Koreans do have 'Baek-il' (백일) that's a celebration for every 100 days of the relationship! Economically speaking, it's more practical 'cause you only celebrate every 100 days. However, you must be keen on numbers so you won't miss the date!

    4. The initial promise of bringing you to South Korea! (How long would it take?)

    If you are in the Philippines, this is probably one of the promises that your boyfriend would tell you, that'll he will gonna bring you in Korea. My take is that no matter what promises he makes -- it may true but it may also be a promise just to keep the relationship upbeat. Just work hard if you really want to visit Korea. Having a boyfriend doesn't mean that you'll gonna depend on him most of the time. :)

    5. Straightforward

    Yep, he'll tell you that you look very pretty today. He'll tell how much he appreciates all your efforts and the bits and pieces of your relationship. Here's the thing, there would also be days that their straightforwardness might offend you as we Filipinos are a little bit sensitive in terms of corrections. Well, let's just take their opinions as a criticism to make ourselves better. Also, it is suggested that you are honest and straightforward with him as well so that your relationship would last longer.


    1. Language and culture barrier is difficult

    If you don't really learn Korean yet and is new with Korean culture, the adjustment phase really sucks. It might be a honeymoon stage in the first few weeks but you'll end up having a hard time with your conversations and everything else would follow. That's the reason why it is suggested that you also share your language and culture as soon as you get to know one another. It can be during your 'friendship' phase.

    2. There would be days that you can't even talk to him because of 'work and schedule'

    No matter how much time and effort he shows you, trust me on this: there would be days that you'll lose contact with him for quite a few days or weeks because of work. They're workaholic in nature so for your relationship to work-- this would be the days that you need to learn on how to adopt. Be that understandable girlfriend, don't worry he'll surely make it up to you afterwards.

    3. There would be plenty of comparisons, be used to that-- he's straightforward right?

    In any new relationship, there's a tendency that there would be comparisons from the previous relationship. Make sure that you try your best to create a huge impact on him that would make him keep falling for you. I am not saying that you are trying to compete with his previous relationships. What I am saying is that you must start showing your unique traits to prove why he decided to choose you.

    4. Relationship culture is extremely different

    For us Filipinos, for a man to pursue a girl, he must even get the permission of the girl's family (I'm talking about the traditional family) but if you are having a relationship with a Korean, they only introduce their girl to the family when they already have plans of getting married. This is just one of the many differences among Filipino and Korean culture so if you are planning to have a Korean boyfriend, you don't need to think twice but just at least be open to new changes in your life.

    5. You are not in a KDrama

    Lastly, I would just like to remind you that it is not a KDrama! Even though it's true that there would be days that he'll make you feel extremely special (like how lead actors in KDrama do it!!!), relationship with a Korean boyfriend or any nationality still requires adjustments on both parties. Please, stop comparing it with KDramas or you'll just gonna hurt yourself with unrealistic expectations.

    **All photos are from the internet.

    Have you ever been in a relationship with a Korean or any foreign nationality? Let me know your thoughts!

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