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    'Sunshine Family' highlights the lives of expats in South Korea and here's why you should watch it

    The newest Filipino film created in South Korea and in collaboration with a Korean artist and production is now in theaters and it highlights the family values of Filipino families living abroad as OFWs together with their children. Here's why you should watch the film:


    Sunshine Family, which is now screened in selected theaters is a film directed by Kim Tai-sik co-created by Spring Films and Film Line. It is an adaptation of the 1992 Japanese Film Hikinige Family. This movie highlights the life of a Filipino family who lived in South Korea for a few years and the head of the family, who is an OFW accidentally committed a hit and run incident that eventually troubled the family members.

    As the family tries to hide the incident, self-discoveries about each of them becomes more complicated. The twists and turns of the story from beginning to the end of the film are must see.

    Reasons to watch the film:

    1. This is a Filipino-Korean made production and given that this year is the 70th Philippine-Korean Diplomatic Year of Friendship, this is a great film that showcases a portion of OFWs in South Korea.

    2. It is a story of every Filipino family. In fact, the film is all about how much Filipino families are protective of one another in every life circumstance that they need to face. There are plenty of moral lessons but more than that, the story would make you laugh and cry at the same time.

    3. Sunshine Family is starring Nonie Buencamino, Shamaine Buencamino, Sue Ramirez, Marco Masa and Shinwoo of Blanc7, the film is currently hitting selected cinemas nationwide! These stars are famed for having numerous great films so we know that this one is going to be a hit as well!

    Here's a list of cinemas where you can watch Sunshine Family:

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