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    Why 2019 is a miserable heartbreak to a 2nd gen Kpop fan: thoughts and unpopular opinion

    Only half of 2019 passed by but we've been through numerous scandals, issues, and heartbreaks involving our idols, especially those of our favorites from the 2nd generation. If you are a 2nd gen fan like me, you probably have shed out a great number of tears as well.

    The worst part? Since fangirling involves only supporting from afar, there isn't anything you can do but to listen and let the issue pass. After all, a fan is just a fan and we are good at waiting because that's the only thing that we can do.

    Written By: Kimchi Adventures

    Before anything else, I wrote this because I feel the need to. The Kpop community including the names of idols that I'll be mentioning became a huge part of my fangirling years and they used to be a channel for me to meet a lot of great people in the K-community that I can't imagine how life could have been without them inspiring me every day to work harder. If you are not a fangirl or fanboy, I guess, you'll never gonna understand.

    I only decided to post this now because I don't want to sound like a bandwagon fan giving an opinion when an issue arises. I am too old for that. Also, it is hard to organize thoughts when you feel too emotional.

    Bigbang's Seungri involvements in a sex scandal, the Burning Sun scandal

    Surviving my high school days listening to Bigbang's music, my dream of finally watching them perform on stage has finally been granted a few years back. It was one of the most wonderful nights of my life but who would think that they'll gonna end up facing various issues recently?

    Seungri and GDragon are my biases and having GD and TOP completing their military duties somehow made me feel a little sad because I got used to seeing them in various shows as a guest. However, when Seungri visited Manila last year for a club event, he announced that he'll be having a solo album and The Great Seungri show followed. Watching Bigbang and supporting them, celebrating all their anniversaries and even their birthdays, it is all in my planner and diary.

    When the issue got out to the public, I can't seriously react. It was probably because I knew that among the members, he got one of the lowest reputation rankings and that he always had that bad boy image. However, I just can't believe that it reached to that extent where numerous names were linked to the issue.

    In fact, upon hearing this issue, the first thing that came out to my mind is that 'What's gonna happen to my OT5? What will happen to my Bigbang?' I've always wanted them to enjoy life because they've been so busy with their group and personal schedules but why are they getting dragged to this type of issue.

    Jung Joon Young's Kakaotalk group chat

    Upon the Seungri scandal follows Jung Joon Young's Kakaotalk group chat logs where the names of other idols started to pop out. I've been to his fiancée fan meeting and I adore him for his music but when the news about the group chat went out, it was just stressful for all fans especially that it is directly involved in the Seungri issue. One of his shows, the 2 Days, 1 Night has been in an indefinite hiatus after what happened. I've been binge watching this show before and it saddens me with the fact that a great variety show will be on a hiatus.

    The group chat revealed the names that have been masked when Seungri's scandal was publicized. There were numerous speculations that arose every day, new artist names getting involved including the first few ones, Zico of Block B (which has been cleared out after), Yong Junhyung from Highlight and Choi Junghoon from FT Island.

    It felt like I've been showered with cold ice because it took me a while before digesting all that's happening. It took me a few flooded group chats with my friends shedding all their dismays and heartaches. It breaks my heart reading the chats of my friends who are fans of the idols that have been involved. We share the same sentiments, the same heartbreaks because of these idols used to inspire us a lot during the golden era of Kpop when we, as fans, have always been criticized for unconditionally supporting them and that each of our favorites gets involved in scandals now. We've always wanted them to be in a scandal but what we want is just solely 'dating scandal' because as fans, our wish is always for them to find happiness the same way they gave it to us through their music and performances.

    The departure of Yong Junhyung from Highlight and Choi Jong Hoon retires from industry and departure from FTISLAND

    A message from a friend woke me up as it was about Highlight's Yong Junhyung departing from the group. Upon getting dragged on the issue, Yong Junhyung left a note to his fans and said he no longer wants to cause more harm to Highlight that he decided to leave.
    "I will live while reflecting on myself again and again. I once again apologize sincerely." - Yong Junhyung
    It was a night when we totally reminisce on the good all days. Days when our problems were just about how we can show support to our idols so they'll get the top spot in a certain music show. Those days when we chip in to buy albums or do bulk shopping so that we can save some amount for the shipping fee and taxes because we were just students who skip meals to buy concert tickets and do our classmates' homework to earn extra so that we could buy official merchandise. It was the same night when I decided to open my merch box where I store all the items I kept ever since I became a Kpop fan and never thought that I'll get so emotional by just looking at them especially the photocards of Bigbang. It also reminded me of the days when we try to complete all their albums that we have to check every site on the net to buy a few signed or pre-loved that's no longer available in the market.

    B.I's departure from iKON

    As there were plenty of annoying fans online, I decided to limit myself from posting Kpop and Kdrama related contents but I keep on watching shows about them. As I am a self-confessed multi-fandom, I am still after the 2nd gen groups and YG entertainment groups. I've been following iKON but one of my regrets is actually the fact that I did not attend their events here.

    Adulting somehow brought me and my friends on a hiatus that we no longer spazz about our faves together. There's a lot of work to do that we can't meet up even just for a few days to talk about our idols -- and if we do, it is merely focused on adulting stuff. I love YG artists but I can't totally spazz about them with my friends since we have different faves, one from SM Entertainment, one of Cube and another one who loves rookies and underrated. We talk about the groups that we mutually like. It's just to the date of this article that I realized it doesn't matter which fandom you belong as long as you are a Kpop fan, you are welcomed-- and my squad proves that.

    So when the news broke out about B.I leaving iKON, it somehow is expected to happen but it was quite earlier than I expected it to be. Following the story is Yang Hyun Suk resigning from YG Entertainment and it was too obvious that its gonna happen because of the stocks of the company drastically dropped. It's quite sad that the entertainment who made my favorites destroyed it at the same time. Even though he left the company, the damage has already been done.

    Park Yoochun receives a sentence for a drug case

    News shared by a friend about Yoochun alarmed me quite a little. It was a case that I am not really interested but I know so well about the details because I happen to have friends who are TVXQ and JYJ fans who'll talk about these idols all day that I can already answer quizzes about them correctly. 

    My friend stans TVXQ ever since and her UB is Yoochun that every time update about his scandal goes out, I always message her to comfort her because I think it is the right thing to do. I hope all the fans would feel better soon.

    Shopee scamming fans issue

    The system glitch or error that Shopee claims which eventually ended up to having a sudden change in the winners for the meet and greet raged all the fans in the Philippines -- not just the Blinks. It was just too unfortunate to know that they've spent so much to score a spot but numerous celebrities were present on the event rather than the fans. The #ShopeeScam even trended on Twitter following the issue. 

    Though we can't really consider Blackpink as a 2nd gen group, some of my 2nd gen fans were up to this event and I couldn't do less but be excited for them on this special occasion. Every night, they update us on their item orders that I could simply see their dedication just to be a part of the event and not scoring a spot, despite spending more than others who made it on the list is super disappointing. Plus the numerous stories of how fans from all over the Philippines flew to Manila to attend to the event but didn't make it on the venue because they were not allowed to enter as they are no longer the winners.

    Kiseop and Eli's departure from Ukiss

    Kiseop is one of the nicest idols I've met. In fact, the whole of Ukiss. I've been introduced to them by some of my friends through flooded everyday spazz on my feed and luckily had the chance to meet them twice before through their events here and yes they were really nice that you can talk to them freely and they'll be so accommodating to answer your random questions. Since that day, I liked them a lot. 

    Of course, the departure of Kevin is a sad story but adding the two, Kiseop and Eli on those who left the group is another story. For days, I've seen how the fans actually mourned over the issue as I have plenty of Kiss Me friends on Facebook. Fans have been through this before but it still aches every time a member leaves a group.

    Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo on the process of divorcing

    Their marriage announcement surprised us but the news that they'll be divorcing is more surprising. The whole world showed their support for the Song Song couple when they had their solemn wedding about two years ago and now they are putting their relationship to an end. Another story of something that's not surprising of happening but surprising because it happened too soon. On the day of the news, I suddenly felt the urge to watch it again but I might end up crying. Huhu!

    Writing about my thoughts on these issues truly reminded me of various things that it hurts too bad realizing that time already passed by and things change quite a lot. Not just the artists, the music but also the fangirl in us. We may no longer be as outspoken as we used to be years back but then our support for our faves remains to be the same especially in this heartbreaking moments for our idols. Thank you if you actually reached this part.

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