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    Highlights of the #Fu11MoonWithIU Fan Gathering - IU Philippines

    A triple celebration for the wrap up of the drama Hotel Del Luna, IU's 11th year debut anniversary and the recent announcement of IU finally visiting Manila happened last September 22! 

    Filipino Uaenas gathered up and enjoyed a Hotel Del Luna-themed day filled with awesome games, numerous performances and overflowing freebies for all the attendees! Ready for #IUinManila?


    Having more than a month of preparation to make this gathering successful, fun games are included in the program for the fans! Starting from the drawing relay, the dubbing game, and the quiz bee, fans enjoyed answering trivia, spazzing with their co-uaenas and testing their knowledge about IU!


    Talented Uaenas shared their favorite IU songs in front of all the attendees but the highlight of all the performances came from the band Dyanra. The band members themselves are actually a part of the IU Philippines admins and fans. They prepared a few of IU's best and well-loved songs for the audience to enjoy. Given the chance to sing any IU song, what will you perform?


    What's your favorite IU character? Various attendees dolled-up themselves to cosplay their favorite IU get-up. In IU's recent drama Hotel Del Luna, she had numerous costume change so we had quite a number of Jang Manwol look-alike present at the event! Guess what, Hotel Del Luna's Ko Chansung is also present at the venue (but of course, it's just one of the attendees cosplaying Yeo Jin Goo's character!)

    Fan Gathering

    What's an event without the attendees? The actual spirit of having 'fan gathering' is enjoying an event together prepared by the fans for the fans making this event intimate having only a hundred uaenas from Luzon (because the venue could only permit that number of attendees) but still, the intimacy gave the fans more time to know one another. This year is IU's 11th year as an artist and it's nice to know that a lot of the attendees were with IU from the very beginning of her career.

    Food! (Plus the cup sleeve!!!)

    If you are following IU on instagram (@dlwlrama) you'll be seeing a lot of food support and cup sleeve event happening during her shoots as a part of the fan support coming from all over the world! This gathering also reminds us of the strong glass of tears from Hotel Del Luna.

    Of course, attendees also enjoyed a packed meal having this cute 'IU 11th Debut' sticker on its cover! Despite only having a few hours of gathering, we are pretty sure that fans really enjoyed this gathering!

    Hotel Del Luna Final Episode Viewing

    Photo from: Jeunesse Jung

    Thanks to Viu Philippines, the fans enjoyed watching the tear-jerky last episode of Hotel Del Luna, we've seen the drama already but it still managed to make us cry once again. The screening feels more special because we have someone beside us whom we can spazz throughout the drama and that's actually what we did all throughout the watch time.

    IU's Photo Exhibit

    Having IU Philippines' first-ever photo exhibit, the photos are all high definition photos of IU's previous dramas from her debut down to her most recent one. In fact, if you started to become a uaena during her Dream High days, it feels like a memory lane for you as a fan as well. The exhibit photos were distributed to all the cosplayers and the rest were sold to gather up funds for the upcoming IU's concert fan projects!

    The Manwol Tree Cake

    This tree plays a huge role in Jang Manwol's life witnessing her struggles, happiness, and fears. Since the gathering is themed as Hotel Del Luna, the cake is designed as this tree and it's amazing that every detail will actually remind you of the drama!


    If you think you've got a lot of freebies from the events you've attended before, think again! IU Philippines leveled-up the gathering standards having numerous freebies for their attendees. And when we say freebies, it's not just the typical ones. They even raffled photobooks, official items and signed Hotel Del Luna poster! Now, this is what gathering is all about!

    And of course, this event will not be possible if not for the team behind, the Team Manwol (IU Philippines admins and volunteers!) Kudos!

    Are you a fan of IU, she'll be visiting Manila this December so make sure to follow IU Philippines' social media accounts for more details:
    Facebook: IU Philippines
    Twitter: @iuphils

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